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Scarlet Alliance Annual National Forum, Adelaide, November 8-10

Held over three exciting days from 8 to 10 November in Adelaide, the national meeting for sex workers packs in:

National Forum (sex worker only - free) Presentations, workshops, discussion, consultation, policy development, sex workers panels, trends/changes/legal conditions across each state and territory, peer education and more. Agenda below.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) (Scarlet Alliance delegates and membership). Election of office bearers (executive committee), spokespersons, delegates to represent the organisation, reports from the executive committee, presentation of financial reports. Note all elected positions become vacant. See details below.

A rally at Parliament house (sex workers and friends are invited)

A sex worker only party and Whore Of The Year awards (sex worker only)

If you would like to attend any of these events you can RSVP by contacting our Administration Officer at the Scarlet Alliance office 10am-5pm, Tuesday to Friday email

Tuesday 8 November

11.00am Registration and morning tea
11.30am Welcome to country
11.50am Housekeeping
12.00pm Scarlet Alliance overview
12.20pm President address
12.30pm Governance roles at Scarlet Alliance
1.00pm State and territory report-backs (SA and WA)

1.30pm Lunch

2.30pm State and territory report-backs (ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, NT and TAS)
4.00pm National group report-backs (DDDIFF and Touching Base)
4.15pm Spokesperson and representative report-backs

4.25pm Afternoon tea

4.40pm SANTAP update and graduation ceremony
5.20pm Sex Workers Who Use Drugs Panel

6.00pm AGM nominations information
and Male sex worker social event

Wednesday 9 November

10.00am Annual General Meeting (Members only)

11.00am Morning Tea

11.30am Election results
12.00pm National consultation on researching sex workers and stigma

1.30pm Lunch

2.30pm Concurrent sessions:
1. Male sex workers
2. “ALL OF US” Isolate Language – All Inclusive Resource Development

3.30pm Concurrent sessions:
1. Media 101
2. Sex Workers with Disabilities and Inclusion

4.15pm Afternoon tea

4.30pm South Australia- sex work and law reform panel
4.55pm Moving to a public space info session

5.00pm Buses to parliament house

5.30pm Rally at parliament house (sex workers and allies event)

7.30pm-midnight Sex worker only party and Whore Of The Year Awards

Thursday 10 November

10.30am Morning tea

11.00am National consultation on online STI & BBV resources for sex workers

12.30pm Lunch

1.15pm Concurrent sessions:
1. Sex workers who use drugs
2. Transitioning through sex work

2.15pm CALD/Migrant sex worker issues briefing

3.00pm Afternoon tea

3.15pm Priority issues discussion - where to from now
3.45pm Evaluation/wrap-up

4.15pm Close

Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting

Scarlet Alliance Annual General Meeting to be held in Adelaide
10am, Wednesday 9 November 2016.
All Members are invited to attend

If you have not received the formal notice in your email and/or you are a new member wishing to attend the National Forum please contact for further information.

Please note: the National Forum is a sex worker only space and excludes owners/operators. The information regarding venue is thus only available to sex workers past and present, who are not owner/operators.

Please Note: Following the constitutional changes made in 2012 it is required that all attendees to the AGM must be current Scarlet Alliance members (either non-voting/free membership or voting/paid membership). Information about joining or renewing your membership can be found at

All current elected positions are vacated at each AGM, we encourage people who are interested in being a representative, spokesperson, executive committee member or double to nominate.

Information about the above positions have been circulated to all current members.


From go-go's to gigolos: male sex workers now (Wed 2.30pm)

Male workers occupy a unique position within the sex work community. We have privilege, as well as having our own issues within and surrounding our work and community. Due to funding restrictions and difficulties in connecting with male sex workers, some peer organisations do not have male workers in their organisations and outreach programs. Due in part to the isolation of a marginalised industry, male sex workers may not have ease of access to networking and community.

This is a session facilitated by the Scarlet Alliance Male Representative and Double to explore the current context and issues for male sex workers, while looking at ways of engaging with us and the potential benefit to peers and organisations in that engagement. The session will prioritise the contribution of male sex workers in attendance, in order to discuss current issues and experiences of male sex workers. But the session will be an opportunity for all peers to discuss where male workers fit in our sex work community.

“ALL OF US” Isolate Language – All- Inclusive Resource Development (Wed 2.30pm)
Working with NT Aboriginal Islander Sistergirls & Sisters- developing inclusive resources in first languages.

I work with SWOP-NT, with my sisters who inject drugs group to educate in different ways, to make resources in our languages for each other and for other sexworkers who inject drugs to ensure this knowledge is passed on for new sexworkers who inject drugs and for many years in the future

We planted the seed with SWOP-NT, planned, drafted, designed and hand painted artwork. Documenting stages of what we do together. This project is for us by us. We use image/s of artwork for the purpose of resource development for Tiwi Sistergirls and Tiwi sisters who are sex workers who have/do or may also think about injecting drugs. Resources will be in print, online and importantly verbally for our “song line education’. SWOP-NT is understanding of our cultural, family and personal sensitivities. We are doing this independently with SWOP-NT partnership, to reduce harm, to keep us well and share our expertise as Aboriginal Islander sexworkers and people who inject drugs. The resource is for SWOP-NT outreach engagement, and for passing on education verbally, in pictures and print for new generations of sexworkers.

Sex Workers with Disabilities and Inclusion (Wed 3.30pm) Description coming

Transitioning through Sex Work (Thu 1.15pm)

Transitioning through Sex Work is an opportunity to share our own experiences and hear from other workers about the many ways we as sex workers can transition within the industry.

The key topics of transition we would like to share and discuss are:
From Street to Private work
From Parlour to Private work
Gender & image transition while sex working
Technological transition – from paper to online
From criminalization to decriminalization

This workshop aims to offer the sex worker community and forum attendees’ some unique perspectives of gender & workplace transition while sex working in different eras and work environments.

The workshop also aims to create an interactive discussion and to hear opinions and stories from other workers about their own transitions, whether it is from massage to full service or experiences in transitioning into specialized services such as BDSM or sexual therapy.

Chantell will be sharing her experiences of gender transition while being a street based worker in a criminalized era and transitioning into private work using the more traditional form of paper advertising.

Natalia will be sharing her experiences of gender transition while working in Sydney’s only Trans parlour to working as a private worker using the modern form of online advertising in a decriminalized era.

Sex workers who use drugs (Thu 1.15pm) Description coming