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Sex Work Websites

Quiet night? Bored between jobs? 10 sex worker websites to explore on the internet during those long, quiet hours between jobs by N.N. ...PS all of these links will take you away from the Scarlet Alliance site.
  1. The Scarlet Alliance The Scarlet Alliance is Australia’s national sex worker rights advocacy group. The S.A is made up of member sex worker groups or projects, such as the NT’s S.W.O.P project. Representatives and delegates from all these projects and groups meeting annually to discuss matters of national significance to sex workers. This site contains discussion forums on issues such as censorship, sex work trafficking and a future nationally touring sex worker arts festival. Some discussion boards are intended for sex workers only and you can log in as long as you have an email address (this is to send your log-in password to.) If you are interested in finding out more about the activities of the S.A, you can join the email list. To find out more, contact Alina at S.W.O.P on 8941 1711.
  2. The Official Sex Worker Literati Website This U.S. website features short stories by some of America’s most respected and out and proud sex workers. The authors contributing to this website all present short biographies of themselves, some of which are just as interesting as the actual stories. Some of the stories are biographical, others are erotic in nature, some more interesting than others. Read it and decide for yourself.
  3. Belle de Jour, Diary of a London Call Girl Belle de Jour (roughly translated from French as meaning woman of pleasure or a sexually playful woman) is a both the name of this blog (a daily diary, or weblog) and the pseudonym of the London sex worker who fills this site with reflections of her life and loves. Belle updates this blog daily with observations about her friends, clients, lovers and living in the U.K. This site also contains numerous links to other sex workers’ blogs (including God’s Wife, Shirley Shave, sex worker and L.A porn star as well as a link to Geek Slut, self described geek, soldier, slut, who describes his blog as a ‘glimpse of an American horn dog’.
  4. Adult industry staffing Ever dreamed about escorting in London, doing porn in L.A, hostessing in Japan? The beauty of the sex industry is that it exists in every country in some form, thus presenting career options for the adventurous and enterprising worker in many parts of the world. Although focused heavily on the U.S. sex industry, is a good place to begin browsing for work. This site, which promotes itself as the ‘first board of it’s kind’, contains vacancies for an incredible array of jobs related to the sex industry including escorting, modelling, web design and other internet related stuff, security, sexy texting and much more. Each job advertised contains details of job description, salary etc and a direct contact address for the potential employer. You can also apply for jobs online and see how many other people have also applied. seems to be Southern Hemisphere based. Although it is still in the initial stages of completion, if it grows to its potential it will be a great resource for sex workers, offering employment opportunities in almost every country of the world. to be sexy depot’s sister site and offers escorts the opportunity to advertise their services. Trying a Google search using the words, ‘escort agency employment’ or ‘brothel employment’, often yields extensive results (such as staff vacancy at The Chicken Ranch Brothel
  5. Sex worker arts festival 2004 The Third annual Tucsan, Arizona (U.S.) Sex Worker Festival (November 6-9 2004) promises to be 3 days of celebration of the diversity of sex worker culture. The program for this festival is yet to be confirmed, however if last year’s program is anything to go by, the festival will include poetry readings, panel discussions, theatre shows, parties, Hooker’s Ball and film nights. (Featured last year was Australian short, female produced and directed film ‘A Woman’s place is in the Kitchen’, which explores a woman’s baking frenzy, alone in the kitchen whilst her husband is at work.) This website will be updated as the festival nears and acts are confirmed. With your earning power as a sex worker there is no excuse not to consider attending yourself!
  6. Neo-Burlesque and Genius Strippers Jo Weldon, the stripper behind gstringsforever has been stripping since 1980 in a smorgasbord of strip venues from bikie joints to touring stage productions. She is now exclusively a self proclaimed ‘neo burlesque genius stripper’ (genius stripper artist, writer, musician, activist, business person, educator, athlete, seamstress, web designer, film maker, cultural icon, iconoclast and a live nude girl!) Burlesque is a form of strip tease originating in France in the 1880’s. It involves bawdy commentary as well as decadent feathered costumes, nipple tassels and a salacious stage name, such as Dirty Martini. This site has a great photo gallery and links to Burlesque events Tease-O-Rama and Lezbosagogo plus much more.
  7. **The Prostitute’s Education Network** The Prostitute’s education network is an extensive website which acts as an information service about legislative and cultural issues which affect sex workers. PENNET is primarily aimed at sex workers and educators who study sex work in the context of decriminalization and human rights. This site contains numerous international articles about sex work and links to sex worker advocacy groups. Users of PENNET can request information, resources and contacts for other sex workers in specific regions.
  8. Cosmic Orgasm Awareness and the Secrets of Sacred Sluttism Prostitute turned porn star turned PhD sexologist turned multi-media artist Annie Sprinkle is one of the most respected and recognised sex workers of modern times. She promotes the idea that, "Sexuality is not only something that can be used for enhancement of intimate relationships or for physical pleasure or procreation. It can be used for personal transformation, physical and emotional healing, self realization, spiritual growth and a way to learn about life and death." This website contains a comprehensive photo gallery of Annie throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the new millennium, as well as extensive interviews with Annie about her personal history and philosophy. Annie’s sculptures and art is also featured, including a designer dildo sculpture, bosom ballet, tit prints and pin-up playing cards. As a utopionist entrepreneur Annie offers female orgasm classes, personal photo sessions, unleashing the goddess/slut within classes and internships for aspiring sex workers. The links section of this site contains links to masturbation advocates, art galleries, female erotic literature and short stories and spiritual/ sexual healing centres (eg Tantra).
  9. International Union of Sex Workers The International Union of Sex Workers stands for 1. Decriminalization of all aspects of sex work involving consenting adults 2. The right to form and join professional associations or unions 3. The right to work on the same basis as other independent workers and to receive the same benefits as other self-employed or contract workers 4. No taxation without such rights and representation. 5. Zero tolerance of coercion, violence, sexual abuse, child labor, rape and racism. 6. Legal support for sex workers who want to sue those who exploit their labour. 7. The right to travel across national boundaries and obtain work permits wherever we live. 8. Clean and safe places to work. 9. The right to choose whether to work with other sex workers co-operatively or on our own. 10. The absolute right to say no. 11. Access to training- our jobs require very special skills and professional standards. 12. Access to health clinics where we do not feel stigmatized. 13. Re-training programs for sex workers who want to leave the industry. 14. An end to social attitudes which stigmatize those who are or have been sex workers. Although based in the U.K., membership to the I.U.S.W. is open to sex workers all over the world, and you can easily join up on their website. As well as making recommendations for political policy on prostitution and the sex industry, I.U.S.W. publish Respect magazine. Previous issues of Respect magazine are available on this site and feature articles by sex workers such as ‘Why we need a union’ and a ‘tell-all’ by a union organizer for the only unionized nude show in America.
  10. The History of Female Prostitution in Australia As the title suggests, the History of Female Prostitution in Australia, is an extensive critique of the sex industry in Australia since prior to English invasion. Amongst many fascinating facts, the author Raelene Frances, notes that prior to contact with Europeans, there existed no sex trade or sex for favours in many indigenous tribes. (Refuting the myth that prostitution is the definite oldest profession in many cultures.) Raelene also points out that during Australia’s ‘convict era’ sex work was an ‘integral part of social and economic order’. Although this essay is long, it is worth reading to understand the social forces which have affected the sex industry and attitudes to sex work throughout this nation’s short history.