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National Forum Promotions 2008

This material is archived promotional text for the 2008 National Forum

2008 Scarlet Alliance National Forum
Brisbane will host the Scarlet Alliance annual national sex worker forum this year between November 26-28, 2008

The three day event is open to the Scarlet Alliance membership and individual sex workers and is a combination of events, workshops, presentations, opportunities to have your say and a chance to provide feedback.

There will be: a introduction for new attendees; a round up of report backs from delegates from around the country; workshops to develop the policy positions of Scarlet Alliance; presentations from sex worker delegates from our membership (issues are likely to include mandatory testing, education and policy needs of sex workers, migrant sex workers and the impact of anti-trafficking responses, ATO and the information resource, HIV positive sex workers, new sex worker organisations and unions, sex workers in the region, laws that impact our work and lives, etc); the Annual General Meeting including the election of the executive committee and spokespersons - sex workers can nominate; a sharing and spotlighting of new resources; an attached National Symposium (which is the only part of open to non sex workers and is held at a different venue) where we showcase our skills and issues via papers and panels of sex worker speakers from around Australia. There will also be international guests at the forum.

Confidentiality and Identity

For the privacy of sex workers attending we wont be releasing the details of where the event is being held on this website. Call at the office to talk about this 02 9326 9455. However, it is central to Brisbane and you will get there easily on public transport. Book your flights to be attending all day on the Wed 26 Nov, Thurs 27 Nov and Fri 28 Nov and to be able to attend a night event on the Thursday 27th November.

This is the only sex worker conference in Australia so we hope lots of workers will be able to attend again this year. We appreciate your support and input to making this a sex worker extravaganza.

This year will include the launch of the new proVision magazine - the magazine made by and for sex workers (which is also distributed generally to raise awareness) where all the articles and contributions are by sex workers.

Male, Female and transgender sex workers are invited.

Nothing About Us, Without Us

National Symposium on Sex Work 2008

All supporters are invited to attend the 4th National Symposium on sex work, run by Scarlet Alliance in conjunction with our National Forum. Speakers include Scarlet Alliance CEO Janelle Fawkes, who will elaborate upon our international capacity development work in the region, and Alina Thomas, from our new Tasmanian project, who will talk about the importance of advocating for sex worker run services. Link to more information


Touching Base will be presenting an exclusive training for sex workers and industry staff working with clients with a disability, Brisbane, 25th November 2008.

Photo (left): Touching Base representatives, People With Disability Inc. and Scarlet Alliance march proudly in together in Mardi Gras 08