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"No To The Pope" Protests, Sydney 2008

Pope's message "was stupid"

A territorian who blew up a condom in front of the pope is unrepentant about her protest. Jessie Abraham, 27, was demonstrating against the Catholic Church's ban on contraception. She said Pope Benedict XVI needed a "reality check." "I would rather sin than apologise," she said. Miss Abraham staged her protest at the World Youth Day gathering in Sydney last week.

"We decided to create a safe sex message for the pilgrims," she said. "The message was "condoms rock."
"Putting 300,000 youths in one place and saying "don't use condoms" was stupid an it made me angry."

Ms Abraham said the anti-contraceptive papal message led to a spike in sales of the morning after pill during the Catholic celebration.
"People from 170 countries got together. They were passionate and lively - they were going to have sex," she said.

Text taken from "Condom Girl Not Sorry" Daniel Bourchier, NT News, July 2008.