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The highs, the lows, the networking, the protests, the meetings and events of sex workers in 2005 and 2006... If you have held a sex worker event in your corner of the world and would like to see it in full colour on this page, please email your story to Photos are welcome also!

Sex Workers March In Adelaide PRIDE Parade, South Australia, 11th Nov 2006

Scarlet Alliance and SIN marched together with the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer communities of South Australia.
Chanting "Sex Worker Rights Are Human Rights, Sex Worker Rights Are Industrial Rights," and cheered on by the supportive crowds, 30 sex workers took to the streets during the annual Adelaide PRIDE parade. Link to Sandra Kank (Democrats) photos. Link to official PRIDE photo.

  • Sex Workers' Mental Health - Have Your Say
SWOP will be running a Mental Health community consultation forum on Tuesday 5th December - the results of which will be fed in to the ACON and SWOP Mental Health Promotion 2006 - 2009 Strategic Plan. Link for more information

The Debbys are back again with a huge line up for their December Show. Performances will include new material from the Debbys, with existing and new performers.
Imperial Hotel, Sunday 10th December, from 7pm.
Special Guests include Glitta Supanova and Sex Intense from Girlesque, Team Princess and Kitty Minge.

  • December 2006 National - World AIDS Day - HIV/AIDS - Let's Talk About It
  • Events will be held around Australia. Scarlet Alliance recognises the continuing strong work of sex workers in Australia in introducing safe sex practices into their work places and work practices. Link to Scarlet Alliance media release.

Sex Workers At World AIDS Conference, Toronto AUGUST 2006
The International AIDS Conference is an important networking event for sex worker activists all over the world, and we were proud to have our International Spokesperson, Rachel Wotton, representing Scarlet Alliance. Rachel’s poster about her project at Canterbury Road, Bankstown for SWOP NSW was accepted as part of the official Conference program (congratulations), and with the support of ACON she attended, also holding the flag for Australian sex workers, to gather information and promote the great work that we do here. Read more about the Toronto conference

Sex Workers in Darwin March for May Day MAY 2006
Sex Workers join the May Day protet in Darwin, NT. Organised by organised by Scarlet Alliance member The Sex Workers Outreach Project of the Northern Territory and local sex worker activists.

See more pictures of May Day 2006.

In March 2006 sex workers held a public meeting in Darwin. Link to report of Northern Territory Sex Worker Public Meeting, by Shayne Kilford.

Photo of International Whores Day participant, Carmen, in Sydney this year.

2 June 2006 International Whores Day

In Lyon, France on June 2 1975, sex workers and their supporters took over a church and staged a sit in over a number of days. The action was in protest against the increasing number of arrests of street sex workers, police harassment of them and the lack of interest shown by the police in solving murders and other crimes committed against them. This action inspired other sex workers around the world to start to organise politically, giving birth to the sex worker rights movement that we have today. Link for more...

Re-Visioning Prositution Policy: Creating Space for Sex Worker Rights and Challenging Criminalisation (Las Vegas) July 9 - 12
This 4 day conference was an opportunity for those who support reform of current prostitution laws to come together in North America to discuss alternatives and address root issues that relate to the current criminal status of those who exchange sex for money. The organisers brought together an impressive range of speakers from different sectors of the sex industry. Link to conference website...

Sex Workers and People with Disability Parade In Mardi Gras 4 MARCH 2006

Sex Workers, People With Disability and Supporters proudly marched on Saturday night among hundreds of other floats and communities from all over Australia. The float celebrated Mardi Gras, raised awareness about: sex workers and our human rights, people with disability and their rights to sexuality, and the link between people with a disability who are the clients of sex workers, and sex workers as sex experts, including seeing people with a disability.

The float was organised by Scarlet Alliance member The Sex Workers Outreach Project of New South Wales, and was supported by Scarlet Alliance and it's members, and joined by Touching Base

See more pictures of Mardi Gras 2006