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Red Umbrella Event, International Whores Day, Walking Around the Harbour and heading into Opera House Forecourt

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"Spend a little time with me," the music cajoles from a hand-carried stereo as the eye of every relaxed tourist turns to this covey of hoydens.

"I Cover the Waterfront" might have been just as good a choice as about forty women part the strolling crowd.

Rachel Wotton (left) holding the umbrella high as the crowd walk up to the Opera House.

Rachels representation of sex workers internationally continues to raise the profile of the important work of sex worker activists in Australia.

Link to Rachels article from the Toronto International AIDS Conference 2006

Link to "Getting on Top of Decriminalisation for the NSW Sex Industry" by Rachel Wotton, presented in Hong Kong, 2006

"NO BAD WHORES, JUST BAD LAWS" is the banner,

white on red;

red lipstick,

red stilettos,

red nails;

high heels pick their way up the steps of the Opera House and pause on the steps of the forecourt.

Mob, or Mab: A Wench or a Harlot.

Among the procession are women in wigs and platform heels working the Betty Page look, transgender persons in jeans or skirts, shyly smiling girls, dykes, queers and at least two writers from the festival.

Dame Darlo (left) and Kate Holden (right)

Some of the attendees are burlesque performers, others perhaps come from the range of sex work: brothels, escort agencies, strip clubs, peep shows, fetish services, phone sex.

The sex services industry in Australia reaches far beyond the immediate archetype of the blousy, comely pro.

Link to photos from the steps of the Opera House, and Kate Holdens' article continues...

Janelle Fawkes (left)

All photos © Scarlet Alliance, The Australian Sex Workers Association, 2007, Kate Holden article reprinted from RED Magazine, with permission.

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