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Scarlet Alliance Migration Working Party presents "Globali$ed Sex Work" April 16 2008

This unique annual forum, spanning sex work in developed and developing countries will give participants greater insight into contemporary sex worker rights, migration and labour issues for sex workers. This is a rare chance to gain an understanding of effective sex worker projects, to hear about health promotion and its application in regards to sex work, service delivery to migrant sex workers locally and regionally, and the partnership work of Australian sex worker peer organisations and those in developing countries.

Venue: Albion Street Centre, 349 Crown Street, Surry Hills

RSVP: 9326 9455 or

Cost: $77 including lunch

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IMAGE (left) Sex workers from Japan (SWASH), Australia (Scarlet Alliance) and Canada (STELLA) carrying banners in Thailand at the 2004 Bangkok International AIDS Conference

The agenda includes:

  • Mapping the work of the Scarlet Alliance Migration Working Party
  • An evidence based, culturally sensitive health promotion approach to working with Korean and Chinese sex workers in Australia
  • Migration of Chinese sex workers: Contemporary research outcomes and possible directions for program work
  • Thai sex workers at home and abroad: Sex worker health promotion programs in NSW, and successful linking with Empower, Thailand.
  • Capacity development in the Asia Pacific region: Sex workers’ leading in the development of appropriate programs and services.
  • Sex worker rights and global issues, including the “Swedish model” demand reduction: How it fails sex workers; Trafficking measures and the deterioration of sex worker rights; International policy development and the silencing of sex workers

Who should attend?

Sex worker service providers, health educators, women’s and migrant service providers, legal and human rights workers, development workers, policy makers, members of the community.

Please attend, invite your colleagues, or make a donation on the day!

Mapping the work of the Scarlet Alliance Migration Working Party

Elena Jeffreys, President Scarlet Alliance. Elena is the convenor of the Migration Working Party. She will describe the scope of, and approach to, the work done through this national set of activities.

IMAGE: Sex wokers protest at the WTO meeting in Hong Kong, 2005

Link for more media articles about the protest.

Link to Zi Teng, sex worker organisation in Hong Kong

Korean and Chinese Sex Workers in Australia: An evidence based, culturally sensitive Health Promotion approach

Maggie Ma and Casey Li, Multicultural Educators, SWOP NSW

Health promotion to Korean and Chinese sex workers in Australia has been developing an extensive evidence base over time. Some of the key strategies, cultural sensitivities and outcomes will be described.

Casey works as a bilingual educator at SWOP NSW, and will be presenting on the issues affecting Korean and Chinese background sex workers.

Maggie has recently conducted research with Chinese sex workers in Australia, and provides bi-lingual outreach services and resource development for Chinese sex workers in NSW.

Thai Sex Workers and health promotion programs in NSW

Jum Chimkit, Multicultural Educator, SWOP NSW

Jum is the most experienced multicultural educator for sex workers in NSW, providing outreach and service delivery to Thai sex workers for 9 years. Jum also networks with the Thai sex worker organisation, Empower and recently worked in Thailand on a capacity development exchange.

Link to Empower Foundation

IMAGE: Pornpit Puckmai from Empower Thailand is awarded the Thai Human Rights Award.

Link for more about sex worker human rights

Link to Empower Foundation, Thai sex worker organisation

Migration of Chinese Sex Workers: Research outcomes and directions for new program work

Casey Li, Multicultural Educator, SWOP NSW and Elena Jeffreys, President Scarlet Alliance

Casey and Elena will refer to their abstract for the International AIDS Conference, to be delivered in Mexico August, 2008.

Casey was a researcher on the Australian study into Migrant sex work conducted in partnership with Zi Teng (Hong Kong).

Elena coordinated the research in Australia, and liaised with Zi Teng on customizing the research tools and methodology for the Australian migration context.

Link to Zi Teng

Capacity development in the Asia Pacific region: Sex workers participation in developing programs and services

Janelle Fawkes, CEO, Scarlet Alliance

Scarlet Alliance’s range of partnership programs in the Asia Pacific region include the AusAID funded project which has assisted Papua New Guinea sex workers to develop the Friends Frangipani Association. The project is aimed at supporting PNG sex workers to develop their response to HIV/AIDS. Janelle will also outline other aspects of Scarlet Alliance regional work, and describe the role that sex workers are playing in forming strong regional networks, and delivering peer based sex worker health and policy programs.

IMAGE: Poi dancers welcome HIV sector activists from all over the world to the Pan Pacific AIDS Conference in Auckland, 2005

Sex worker rights and global policy issues: Panel presentation

  • The “Swedish model” and demand reduction: How it fails sex workers
  • Trafficking measures and the deterioration of sex worker rights
  • International policy development and the silencing of sex workers
  • Sex worker rights as a framework for best practice

Maria McMahon, Sex Work Policy, ACON, Executive Member, Scarlet Alliance

Maria McMahon is a leading policy analyst for sex industry and migration issues in Australia, formerly manager of SWOP NSW, and engaged in a range of training roles relating to anti-trafficking measures.

IMAGE: International Whores Day 2007, sex workers gather outside the Sydney Opera House

Link to photo essay and article by Kate Holden about International Whores Day 2007

Link to more information about International Whores Day and the use of Red Umbrellas as the international symbol of sex worker rights