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Sex Workers and Supporters Mardi Gras 2008


Group Photo


Scarlet Alliance and Touching Base

Touching Base

Getting Outfits ready on the run

Getting Outfits ready on the run

Workers Rights!

Whores Rock!

Whores Not Wars!


Dyke Whore!

Sex Worker Rights NOW!

Mr Australasia Bear meets Whore of the Year

Lovers of Whores

Marie Antionette

Kooky Divine


Dancing in the street

Janelle being interviewed

Its a cop show!

The assembly of whores screeched with delight upon sighting the bright red Australian Federal Police vehicle parked right beside our float. Immediately, half a dozen pro hos flung themselves onto the car, gyrating and humping wildly, laughing with wicked glee. It took only seconds for the vehicle to become obscured by the bountiful bevy of curvacious flesh, red satin and velvet and curling locks of hair in all colours. Lipstick kisses were peppered over the police insignia whilst the car's minders looked on in distress, feebly trying to discourage this hedonistic display. The whores fluttered our lashes and promised to behave and obediently got off the vehicle. Then we laughed deliriously and cast our enormous "NO BAD WHORES JUST BAD LAWS" over the car's windshield before clambering back on for more kisses. Truly, it was a blessed vehicle that rode with the Federal Police that night. Licking the car

Having some fun on the car!

More... on the car!

Making new friends

Finally the tranny cops show up