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XV World Aids Conf, Bangkok 11-16 July, 04

Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand including a wide range of sex worker sessions, workshops, oral presentations, poster presentations, exhibitions, and performances. Sex Worker organisations from around the world will attend.

A program is now available - For more info go to

Scarlet Alliance representatives are presenting:

Poster presentation on Trafficking. McMahon

Oral presentation on Street based sex workers and police. Wotton

Skills building workshop identifying peer education as the most successful service delivery model for sex worker organisations/projects and identifying the vast range of skills sex workers hold. Fawkes and Jeffreys.

Australia's own sex work activists, artists and performers, the Debby's, will present 'Debby, doesn't do it for free'. They explore the contradictions between portrayals of sex work in the mainstream media and the reality of working lives of sex workers. Their vast body of multi media work examines stigmatisation, discrimination, and the impact of legislation.

At the exhibition space peep into the lives of sex workers, see the ‘Bed of 364 knickers’, the ‘Latex Lady’, ‘House of dicks’, ‘Finer points of morality’, ‘Cunt of many colours’ and ‘Sex as work’.

Mr Big Pants, Nurse Whore-see and Olympic Whore will perform for your guilty pleasure laughing along with the hilarity of sex on a massage table, country and western karaoke and a dubious drag king politician.

The debby’s embody self determination and autonomous creative control as the sex worker voice critiques media representations of their lives.