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ICAC "Report on an investigation into corrupt conduct associated with the regulation of brothels in Parramatta" 2007

The Commission’s investigation concerned the conduct of Mr Wade Fryar, the Team Leader of Compliance Services at Parramatta City Council (the Council). The investigation arose from information received by the Commission in October 2006 alleging that Mr Fryar had corruptly solicited and received cash payments and sexual services from brothel owners and prostitutes in return for not taking action on behalf of the Council to prevent unauthorised use of premises for prostitution. In determining to undertake an investigation the Commission took into account the seriousness of the allegations which would, if established, constitute corrupt conduct within the meaning of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 (the ICAC Act). It also took into account issues raised by the allegations as to whether the procedures at the Council may have had certain weaknesses that provided the opportunity for Council officers to engage in improper conduct in connection with the detection and prevention of brothels operating illegally within the Council’s area. Scarlet Alliance and the entire sex worker community of Australia is terribly saddened that the commissioner could find the sex workers, who were victims of extortion, to be fit for prosecution for corruption.
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