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ICAC "Brothel Corruption, Parramatta, Factsheet" 07

The ICAC investigation arose from information received in October 2006, alleging that Mr Fryar had corruptly solicited and received cash payments and sexual services from brothel owners and prostitutes in return for not taking action on behalf of the Council to prevent unauthorised use of premises for prostitution. The Commission found that from approximately 2003 to February 2007, Mr Fryar received free sexual services from at least five prostitutes and up to $40,000 by way of corrupt payments from brothel owners. The ICAC’s investigation included lawfully executing search warrants, lawfully using listening devices and intercepting telecommunications, obtaining and analysing relevant council files, and undertaking physical surveillance of suspected persons. The Commission conducted compulsory examinations and in May 2007 held a public inquiry where Commissioner Cripps presided and five persons gave evidence.
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