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Jeffreys, Autonomy, Vega, Green "Listen to sex workers: support decriminalisation & anti-discrimination protections" 2011

Today, feminist strategy means self determination, people speaking for themselves, not being spoken for. Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association, is the national peak body of sex workers and sex worker organisations, with membership open to all sex workers, past and present, its only $20 a year or $50 for three years, tax deductible, and the forms can be downloaded from the Scarlet Alliance website (Scarlet Alliance, 2011). Scarlet Alliance embodies over two decades history of formal sex worker peer organising in Australia by the funded and unfunded sex worker groups across the country (Saunders, 1999). Those groups do outreach, community development, health promotion, STI and HIV prevention, support for people affected by anti-trafficking policies, industrial relations advocacy, financial and economic justice advocacy, housing, welfare, legal and police referrals, health and human rights policy.
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