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Scarlet Alliance "Media Ethics and NESB Sex Workers" 2007

In 2005 a Melbourne based journalist befriended a particular community of non-English speaking background sex workers and sex worker advocates in Australia. The journalist expressed interest in documenting the HIV/AIDS prevention work and high condom use among sex workers in Australia, and using the documentation for policy purposes to promote sex worker rights in an Asia-Pacific country. The particular sex worker community, sex worker advocates, their sex worker organisation and AIDS Council were formally approached by the journalists company, and permission was granted for the journalist to interview the sex workers and sex worker advocates. Release forms were signed by the sex workers, and verbal agreement of identity concealment precautions was made. The journalist spent extensive time hosted by the sex workers, sex worker organisation and AIDS Council, interviewing staff, advocates and sex workers for the documentary. Copies of the footage, and approval of the material was promised to the sex workers involved. However this was never forthcoming.
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