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Scarlet Alliance "Principles for Model Sex Industry Legislation" 2000

A joint project of Scarlet Alliance and AFAO Oct. 2000 Written by Linda Banach (AFAO) and Sue Metzenrath (Scarlet Alliance) Also many thanks to Sera Pinwill and the Scarlet Alliance Law Reform Committee for their input and assistance. This publication begins with a summary of the Australian approach to sex industry laws. Turn of the century laws aimed at eradication of the sex industry and more recent radical feminist approaches view sex work as synonymous with violence. Section 2 sets out the principles that should guide sex industry legislation; decriminalisation, sex work is legitimate employment, choice of employment for sex workers, occupational health and safety, public health and mandatory testing, local planning laws and zoning, discrimination and human rights, sex slaves and foreign sex workers, and finally addressing a few common myths about drug use, pimps and minors. These principles are laid out in a very practical way, each is explained with a short (500 – 1,000 word) background, and this is followed by a point form fact sheet including solutions and critiques of current practice. Section 3 is a political and bureaucratic skills kit including tips on understanding the political system and suggestions on how to lobby successfully and a guide to media. This document is very useful for understanding why the laws in Australia are the way they are; and how they should and can be changed.
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