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"NSW Lobbying Kit" 2012

Information Pack on proposed NSW Sex Industry Regulation You may have heard about the regulation changing for sex workers and the sex industry in NSW. Before regulatory systems change they are often proposed as a discussion paper and then the public (including sex workers) have the chance to comment on the proposals. An Issues Paper has now been released. ws . The proposed reforms will impact on every sex worker in NSW and every sex industry business. This is your opportunity to inform the changes and to ensure that the NSW government understands how the proposed regulation will impact on sex workers. DON’T BELIEVE THE SPIN – The proposed regulatory systems will NOT benefit sex workers. It’s currently NOT illegal to be an Escort, Private or brothel based sex worker in NSW. The proposed laws ADD many new regulations, which may include fines and penalties. These reforms will result in negative impacts on sex worker health and safety, and access to industrial and human rights; increased potential for police and government corruption; and increased monitoring and surveillance of sex workers by police and government. THIS IS CRIMINALISING SEX WORKERS NOT HELPING SEX WORKERS !
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