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Rhed, "Migrant Sex Worker Peer Educator Position Description" March 2009

The Migrant Sex Worker Peer Educator is responsible for providing outreach services and support to migrant sex workers in the Victorian Sex Industry, providing cultural support to the RhED team and providing external consultation to relevant agencies when required. The migrant sex worker peer educator is a member of the migrant sex worker target group who identifies her/himself with the group. The peer educator serves as a liaison between RhED and the project’s target client group, which is primarily migrant sex workers, as well as associated communities. The aim of this role is to facilitate communication and education of health issues relevant to the industry for migrant sex workers. Peer Education implies a collaborative and educative role: increasing responsibility, knowledge and self-esteem of both themselves and other migrant sex workers with whom they work. The peer educator draws on the credibility they have with their peers to offer flexible educational opportunities and programs, not only for the community he or she serves, but also for the colleagues with whom she or he works. In this way the Peer Educator is also a representative of the migrant sex working community, ensuring that their interest is present at the organisational level of both RhED and ISCHS. The migrant sex worker peer educator is in a unique position – acting as both a language and cultural bridge for the RhED program. This individual is not employed to be an interpreter or a translator, rather they are there to support and ensure that the target group is empowered to seek interpreting and translating services if and as needed. A further objective of the peer education program is the development of the skills and perspective of the peer educator and worker. The peer educator should also be willing to make a commitment to their own professional development within the role through supervision, in-service training and external education.
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