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Waxman, Durbin, Lantos, Lowey, Lee and McCollum "Open Letter To Condaleezza Rice" 27 Jan 2005

In January 2005 these members of the US Congress wrote in support of NGO's including sex worker organisations, in response to conservative and church based attacks on funding for HIV Education. "The series of coordianted attacks against some of the best established and most effective groups performing critical intervention activities threatens to undermine the US response. These attacks reject the expert consensus on effective, scientific AIDS prevention in favor of conservative ideological agenda promoting falsehoods and distortions. We urge you to repudiate deceptive and divisive attempts to defund essential efforts against this disease. We ask you to strongly endorse a merit-based grantmaking process and the use of the best available science to guide US efforts to prevent and respond to AIDS." The Members also come out in strong support of the NSWP (Network of Sex Worker Projects).
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