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"International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers," NZPC, 16th December 2006

For the past six months we have tied a black ribbon to a long piece of rope for every known incidence of violence against sex workers in our region. This may include incidences that are reported to us or those we observe when on outreach. The full spectrum is included: from robberies; physcial and sexual violence; condom crimes; refusal to pay and to throwing bottles, eggs and verbal abuse from vehicles at street based sex workers. On the 16 December we are displaying the ribbon laden rope and inviting the public of Christchurch to come and tie a coloured ribbon to show their desire to see this violence end. Decriminlisation in 2003 has certainly made a difference in the lives of sex workers in New Zealand. This year we wish to challenge the underlying attitudes that shape violence towards workers.

It is especially poignant that at this very time we are hearing of sex workers murdered in Ipswich. Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of these women and of course of all those effected by these events.

Our thoughts are with all the people of the world who are affected by violence directed at sex workers.


The team at the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, Christchurch Branch