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South Korean News, Media and Issues of Interest to Sex Workers

"Special Law on Prostitution proving ineffective" The Hankyoryeh, 23 September 2003

Minseongnoryeon is devoted to fight for the abolition of the Special Laws against Prostitution led by mainstream feminists, and the redevelopment by construction capital carried out by enforcement agencies. The celebration of the third anniversary of "Sex workers' day" is another signal of our determination to fight for our right of survival and right of abode. We hope to join in strong solidarity with those citizens and social organizations that sympathize with our cause in sex workers' movement.
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2 Feb 2006 Ladies of the 1950s Nights Andrei Lankov, The Korea Times

In 1947 the U.S. military government in Korea made prostitution illegal, and in 1948 the parliament of the newly established Republic of Korea upheld the ban. However, there was a major problem with the law: nobody took it seriously. Perhaps, from the very beginning, it was not meant to be taken seriously.