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News, Media and Reports from Sex Workers. For links to USA sex worker organisations, scroll to the bottom of the page.


Proposition K in San Fran

"Prop. K calls for legal prostitution in S.F." John Cote, San Francisco Chronicle, October 6 2008


Randall Tobias quits in "Call Girl" scandal
Link to related Sex Worker Blog

Randall Tobias, former Director of U. S. Foreign Assistance and Administrator for the U.S. Agency for international Development (USAID), has resigned after revelations that he engaged sex workers for company from time to time. As a proponent and purpetrator of the USAID anti-sex work policies that have affected sex worker groups in developing countries, an active player in the PEPFAR bans on funds for sex worker groups, and generally a supporter of the criminalisation of sex workers in the USA, this scandal highlights the hypocrisy inherent in policies that vilify sex workers.
The NSWP and Urban Justice Center Sex Work Project have issued a formal statement in response to the resignation Link to their media release, YouTube footage and sex worker blog on the issue in Washington


CUNY (City Univerity of New York )SEX TALKER TO GIVE PROSTY-TUTORIAL 1 January 2006
January 1, 2006
CUNY is bringing in the "dean of academic studies" from "Whore College" — a hooker who advocates legalized prostitution — to speak at an on-campus scholarly conference on sex workers' rights. Carol Leigh, 54, who markets herself as "Scarlot Harlot," is scheduled to be a featured panelist at the public college's spring conference, "Sex Work Matters: Beyond Divides." The academic event — said to be a first for the Big Apple — "brings together sex workers, artists, activists and academics" for a discussion on recognizing prostitution and sex work "as a legitimate profession with the accompanying legal protections." It's slated for March 30 at the City University of New York Graduate Center. Go to full story Image of Scarlot Harlot by Janelle Fawkes, taken during the San Francisco Sex Worker Film Festival 2005


Updated 8th October 2008