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"Deep Throated" Bound Not Gagged, 9 May 2007

In the story of alleged DC Madam, Deborah Jean Palfrey, one voice is conspicuously absent: ours, and our lips are, despite what you may have heard, hardly sealed.

We're a group of educated, Internet-savvy, politically-game escorts, and we aren't for hire. (Not here, anyway.) We're apparently the exception to the rule, but for us, this is just business as usual. Of course, rich and powerful men want access to erotic companionship. Of course, Washington is a hotbed of hypocrisy. We know this not because we've been privy to really fantastic pillowtalk, which some of us have, but because we work the halls of government by day, as well.

We want to talk to you, but we might have to do it in private. We might have to do it in the dark. We might not be able to tell you our real names, but that doesn't mean we have to be quiet about it, either.

We're Deepthroated, bound, maybe, but certainly not gagged.

And here, we're going to go down- and dirty on Washington.